Silk Business Cards


Our 16pt Silk Business Cards have a soft touch and matte appearance. Laminated on both sides, they are durable and versatile for various uses such as tradeshows, presentations, and personal correspondence. With multiple design options, you can showcase your brand and attract new customers with ease.


Silk Business Cards Our 16pt Silk Business Cards are a luxurious and sophisticated option for individuals and businesses alike. With their soft-to-the-touch texture and matte finish, these cards exude a premium look and feel that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who receives them.

Laminated on both sides, our Silk Business Cards are built to last, providing a supple durability that is unmatched by traditional paper cards. These cards are perfect for a variety of purposes, from tradeshows and presentations to personal correspondence.

At Imagine R Power, we understand that your business card is an extension of your brand, and we offer a wide array of customization options to help you stand out from the crowd. Our designers can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind design that truly captures the essence of your brand and highlights your unique selling points.

Whether you’re looking to attract new customers or simply make a memorable impression on your colleagues and associates, our Silk Business Cards are the perfect solution. With their soft feel, matte finish, and versatile design options, they’re sure to leave a lasting impact on anyone who receives them. So why settle for a generic business card when you can have one that truly reflects your brand and personality? Customize your Silk Business Cards today and let us help you make a statement that people won’t forget.