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Tear Off Cards Printing

More convenient then ever, Tear-Off Cards are a perfect 2-in-1 promotion piece to get your name out and your customers to easily remember you. Tear-Off Cards have a perforated business card on the bottom, where your customers can easily tear-off and store. As well Tear-Off Cards offer a multitude of uses such as membership cards, coupons, raffle tickets, appointment cards, etc. Use the post card area to pass on information and the tear-off section to make a remarkable statement.

Giving you more flexibility, Tear-Off Door Hangers give you an extra edge on the standard Tear-Off Cards. An amazing 3-in-1 promo piece, giving you the functionality of a door hanger while passing on information about your company and allowing your customer to conveniently receive and store your business card. This is truly a unique product giving you the extra edge in marketing your company, product, event, etc.

Tear-Off Cards Printing

- Full color on both sides (4/4)

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Download Tear-Off Cards Printing Templates:

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- or full color on the front with a blank back. (4/1)

Tear-Off Cards choices:

- Door Hangers with tear-off perforation (4.25"X 11" - 3.5"X 11")
- Flyers with tear-off perforation (3.5"X 11" - 8.5"X 3.5")
- Postcard with tear-off perforation (3.5"X 11" - 8.5"X 3.5")

3 Tear-Off Cards stock options:

Coated Text: 100 lb. gloss book
C1S: 14 pt. cover 1 side
C2S: 14 pt. or 16 pt cover, gloss 2 sides